about my big brother….

20 Jan

Friday, November 16, 2012 9:16 AMToday in 2006 I lost my big brother.
The memories flood my mind, his smile, his laughter, our childhood.
He taught me to play checkers, and chess, and dominoes 🙂
He also taught me what the game 52 card pick up was *grins*
He worked hard at teaching me the abc’s and basic math, no easy task with me as a student (oh look a birdie!!)
We used to play adventures and pirates for hours in his room, the pillows on the floor were either rocks, or, if we were being brave that day, the backs of alligators.
I remember walking to the school bus one morning and a car pulled up.  The man inside leaned over to the passenger door and opened it, he kept  staring at me. My brother reached out his right arm and pushed me behind  him. the man asked if we wanted some candy, I remember feeling Tom’s  arm tightening as if  he was afraid i would step around him and look. He  told the man we do not want your candy, and told him to go away. I can  still hear Tom’s voice and see how he stood so straight and firm. I  cannot remember the last time I felt so safe. ( the man was reported )
It was rare, if ever, he addressed  me by my name. He called me Toots, I  guess it came from when i was a  baby and he said Pappy would call me  his little toostsie winker, what  ever that was, lol
He was 59 when he passed, so now i guess I am the big sister now.
Good memories, but still…..  want my big brother back.
Love you always Brother Tom, till we meet again.


One Response to “about my big brother….”

  1. ladymaggic January 20, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    He sounds a nice person…My brother was younger than me and I adored him too.
    You were lucky to have a nice brother..

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